This is an acrylic painting from 1993 and is about 24 inches tall. There is more going on with the imagery in this painting than may be readily apparent. The idea for this painting came to me while looking at one of those plasma balls that look like there is lightning in them. I noticed while looking very closely at the slowly moving electrical discharges that while they could branch like a lightning bolt they seemed to be spinning like a tornado. I thought this was very curious because I never before made any connection between the form of lightning and tornadoes. As I thought about it more however, I realized that the forces that create them are very similar. An imbalance between warm and cold air or a positive and negative electrical charge creates a vacuum. Nature seems to always take on this spiraling form from the whirlpool going down your drain to the galaxies in outer space where vacuums created by imbalances of energy exist. I have never heard of a lightning bolt being described as a tornado like form but I am convinced that it is so and I have depicted the one in this painting spinning like a tornado. This is one of several paintings where I've juxtaposed natural forms which have this same spiral shape to reveal the inner nature of them all. I believe the outer appearances of natural forms are a mirror of their inner characteristics and not just a superficial visual effect. The figure in the tree is meant to give the piece a mythological quality.

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